How technology is shaping project management

By | 9th July 2015

Project Management

How technology is shaping project management   It’s the digital era and everything you want to know or any question you need answered is right at your fingertips. More than this, technology has revolutionised the way we do business; simplifying, streamlining and supercharging almost every aspect of corporate communication and task completion. Technology has helped to simplify project management and many other business functions, going a long way in giving us back the one thing we long for most – time.   Faster processing and sharing of information, along with applications that automate tedious tasks and bring like-minded people closer together, makes for one highly competitive playing field.   Here’s how you can benefit through making technology part of your project management processes:

Knowledge is power and technology allows you to supercharge the way you gather and interpret it.

Google has provided us with a plethora of resources and become one of the most handy business information tools available. Add to this the communication sharing wildfire that is social media and you not only have access to all the information you need but also information about your customers, their wants, needs, concerns and desires. The more you know about who you’re selling to, the easier it is to focus your project management in the right direction.

Use online technology, and its collaborative power, to help you achieve your goals better and faster.

Most forms of technology have gradually become a part of everyday business, but working and storing information in the cloud is still approached with some hesitation. When it comes to project management the cloud is one of the fastest and most interactive ways to get the job done. The ability to collaborate remotely and simultaneously has breathed new life into project management by eliminating forth emailing which is a notorious waste of time. By tracking projects as they move along you are always up-to-date about where they are in the process.   The same rules apply to financial project management. Using online accounting means all your financial data is in one place – you can access and create reports, quotes, invoices and payslips from anywhere in the world – which means you are always on top of your money matters. Your valuable financial data is also backed up on physical servers which gives you added peace of mind against the threat of human error and natural disasters.

Don’t forget about the simple calendar.

The simplest form of project management that is often overlooked is the humble calendar. Since before the digital era, important task’s due dates and meetings were jotted down on desk pad calendars in offices the world over. Technology has supercharged the calendar into more than just a date keeping mechanism. Most email accounts have a calendar function. This enables you to set up repeat meetings with clients or dates for stocktaking, ordering and so much more. Outlook and Gmail accounts synced with your smartphone means you’ll get notifications on the move ensuring you, and more importantly your project delivery, is on time.

Digitise job cards by upgrading to project management applications.

Job cards have been the alpha and omega for tracking progress and managing daily tasks. Technology has introduced project management applications that not only track the functions of your business, but also measure the productivity of your workers and processes. A lot of project management apps are free and easy to use. Trello, a favourite tool for its simplicity and collaboration, is available free online and enables you to track projects on a digital board as they move from initiation to completion.

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