How invoicing software can ensure you get paid on time, every time

By | 21st July 2015

Invoicing Software

No one does business for mahala and creating accurate and professional invoices is an essential part of ensuring that you get paid for your products or services. However, the biggest problem with invoicing is that many entrepreneurs aren’t exactly sure what to include on an invoice. As the saying goes ‘the customer is always right’ and in the case of bad invoicing, they are actually entitled to refuse payment should important information be omitted from your invoice. Using invoicing software does so much more than just automate the process; it can also improve the quality of your invoices resulting in return and increased business.  Here are ways in which invoicing software can ensure you are paid on time, every time:

Manual invoicing is risky and exposes you to possible costly errors.

We’re all human and making mistakes is an unavoidable fact of life. Minimising the mistakes you make, especially when they can have an impact on your income, is crucial for the sustainability of your business. Invoicing is an essential part of doing business and is directly linked to your income. If no invoice is provided a client won’t know what they owe you, what your payment terms are, which can result in them simply not paying you. Creating invoices manually increases the risk of entering incorrect figures, client data and possibly even duplicating invoices – a mistake that can land you in hot water with the tax authorities. Not only does this look unprofessional but a client can insist on not paying you, causing massive damage to your overall reputation. Invoicing software ensures that all numbers are correct and that crucial information is included, like your company registration number tax and VAT numbers, invoice number, date and terms of payment and, most importantly, the customer’s information.

Increase your professional image and overall reputation with invoicing software.

Quotes and invoices are the face of your business. They communicate your brand by presenting an offer and then requesting payment. In most cases they are the only correspondence between you and your customer. Making a good first impression can go a long way in securing business and reaching potential new customers. Even with the power of Google, word-of-mouth referrals still carry a lot of weight and a professional brand image makes for good golf course conversation.Invoicing software uses an automatic template with your company information, and logo already included on the document so it immediately looks polished. The software also ensures that all relevant invoicing information is included saving you the embarrassment of having to resend an invoice should you have left something out. Issuing an invoice can be done easily and quickly – all you need to do is enter the customer’s info. The quicker you issue an invoice the better your response time to customers and the more satisfied they are.

Invoicing software is online so you can create an invoice from anywhere at any time.

The wonder of having the ability to complete tasks online is that you always have what you need wherever you are to conduct business. Whether you’re on the road travelling between clients or have clients that sent through confirmation of services afterhours – you can prepare an invoice instantly and send it through.  Also, invoicing software enables you to store all of your customer’s information safely. You can rest assured that all crucial information and invoices are automatically backed up. Files stored in a filing cabinet are exposed to natural disasters or human error and could result in the loss of client information, again putting you at risk of not getting paid.  At SMEasy, it is our priority to ensure that your invoices are always accurate and accessible.

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