Five small business apps that every entrepreneur should have

By | 3rd August 2015

Business Apps

As an entrepreneur you need all the help you can get to manage your business. There are so many things that require your undivided attention on a daily basis and a lot them can be time consuming, tedious or just difficult to manage on your own – leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

Technology can assist with many of your managing woes. Unfortunately, business software can be expensive and not viable if you’re working with a tight budget. Luckily there is an overabundance of free business apps available to assist you with everything from project management, communication and business travel.

Here are some of the top free small business apps that can help you simplify the way you do business:

1. Google

Google makes the top of the small business apps list for its innovative and easy-to-use features. Google is widely known for being a search engine, but once you look beyond the search bar you’ll discover a world of possibilities – especially for your small business. A Gmail account enables you to email larger sized documents and pictures unlike many other email service providers.

Gmail’s chat function enables you to communicate with other Gmail account holders, like your employees or customers, in real-time. You can also download the Hangouts app which is linked to your Gmail account with all your contacts enabling you to communicate with your staff or clients from any smart device. Google’s online storage application – Google Drive – lets you safely upload documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other business information. You can also access all your documents from your PC or smart device anywhere at any time.

2. Uber

Smart technology that allows for instant idea sharing, has helped many businesses save on business travel costs. Travelling to important business gatherings or to secure a lucrative client is unavoidable as the value of face-to-face interaction simply cannot be replicated through technology. Thus, travel expenses will always be a part of your budget.

Travel costs can have a massive impact on the already tight budget of a small business and so the powers of smart technology gave birth to the online cab-hailing service Uber. The app founded by two entrepreneurs has brought cheap, effective and fast transport services to the masses. Uber enables you to arrange transport at the click of a button so you can swiftly and affordably travel between meetings with customers. Your employees can also use the service to run errands.

3. Trello

Keeping tabs on the daily operations in your small business is a necessity. Being aware of where you are in your business processes can help to identify glitches in your system, improve productivity and subsequently increase turnover. Project management can be very time-consuming and yet another task that keeps you from gaining new business.

There are many project management solutions out there, but purchasing software can become a costly affair. You need to purchase the licence to use the software, train your staff to use it and upgrade whenever needed. Trello has proven to be one of the most loved project management apps by many a business. What makes it one of the most attractive small business apps is the fact that it free and easy-to-use. You can set up projects with subtasks that need to be ticked and then move the virtual job cards along the screen from beginning to completion.

4. Addappt

In business, especially in a startup environment, it’s about who you know. Your connections are important to help put you in touch with potential clients and to share business ideas. Keeping track of your contacts is crucial to maintaining business relationships and securing more business. This is why Addappt should be a part of your small business apps basket.

The app acts as a digital address book that updates the details of all your business contacts automatically. Claimed to be a self-maintaining address book, it updates your own contact list when any one of your associates or customers changes their number, email address or physical address and the same goes for the changing of your contact information.

5. Checkmark

Last but not least on the small business apps list is Checkmark. As a small business owner you have a long list of things that need your attention which means that you are constantly drawing up to-do lists.

This smart app is like a supercharged virtual to-do list that enables you to not only enter in tasks but is also time-based, linked to your location and to your contact list. Checkmark’s reminders are based on a basic when and where premise. So, you don’t only know what you have to do but also where and when it has to be done.

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