Marketing tips that make you the go-to consultant

By | 26th August 2015

Marketing Tips

Unless you come from a marketing background this is the one aspect of business that you might find to be a daunting task. Getting your name out there, especially when you go it alone, is tough without the input and backup of a strong marketing and sales team. The good news is that you don’t need marketing expertise to sell yourself and your brand more effectively than the next consultant. It’s possible for you to grow your brand without extensive knowledge of all the latest marketing trends or forking out loads of money to an agency to do it for you.

Here’s a list of effective yet easy DIY marketing tips to help make you the go-to consultant:

1. Having an online presence is essential.

The first, and most crucial, of the marketing tips is to take your brand online. If someone can’t find you online they can’t be blamed for being sceptical about your services. Spending money on creating a website is non-negotiable. It should look professional, be easy to navigate and explain your services in detail. More than this, you need to build an online presence to help get eyes on your website and the best way to achieve this is through social media.

Before you start to panic about paying an arm and a leg for a digital marketing or social media expert, wipe the sweat from your brow. It’s as simple as ensuring that you have the basic platforms covered. Set up a company profile on Facebook and create a Twitter page with a link to your website. LinkedIn should be your go-to platform. It allows you can connect with people and groups that are specifically interested in your business’ services.

2. People talk, so make sure they are talking about you.

Building your own reputation is one of the best marketing tips to adopt and it won’t cost you a cent. Word-of-mouth is the most basic form of marketing but you can reap many benefits if you approach it correctly. It all depends on the quality of your services – you want clients to sing praises about your work. The ideal scenario is for clients to become your brand ambassadors.

A referral from a business contact is priceless and starts building a chain of trust in your skills in all the right circles. It’s all about customer relationship management –going above and beyond what is expected from you will set you apart from other consultants. Create a professional and satisfying experience by paying special attention to each client’s specific needs and trying your best to address problems they might come across.

3. Use the people you know (and new acquaintances) to help build your brand

Being able to network is one of the marketing tips that’s as pertinent as your online presence. You’re bound to have face time with former colleagues and other professionals in your industry at functions and conferences. This is the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas, business cards, social media information and possible leads. But try to branch out beyond the circle of people you already know. Mingling isn’t just about fancy events and drinking champagne – it’s an opportunity to meet new potential clients and nurture a business relationship on neutral territory. You have to step out and get involved in meaningfully engagement.

4. Use smart services to make social media (SM)Easy for yourself

Managing social media accounts is a time consuming task. Juggling many clients leaves you with very little time to log into each account separately, post and monitor feedback. But as one of the most important marketing tips, it’s crucial to communicate on these platforms if you want to build your online reputation. While you might not want to employ someone to take care of this on your behalf, technology is the answer to managing your social accounts.

Our easy-to-use SocialEasy platform allows you to manage all your accounts from one platform. You can type your message, attach an image and link and post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all at once.


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