What to look out for when choosing small business software

By | 27th August 2015

Small Business Software

Gone are the days when only big corporates had access to intuitive business software. Historically exorbitant licence fees, accompanied by regular upgrade requirements and the employing of a full-time IT team to maintain it, presented great hurdles for small businesses with restricted budgets. These days, software providers are increasingly targeting their solutions toward the affordability and needs of small businesses. There are various small business software providers out there, but you have to ensure that you choose one that encompasses all the features you require and is easy-to-use.

Here’s what to look out for when choosing small business software:

It has to simplify the way in which you create quotes

Technology is there to simplify the way in which you would traditionally approach daily business processes, especially time consuming administration. A task that’s constantly on your radar is the setting up of quotes for customers. You need small business software that makes the process as easy as possible to complete. Software that works with a template is great, but it still leaves you with the responsibility of filling it in. Small business software that automatically fills in client details in the required fields directly from your contacts list and provides a pre-populated price list is ideal.

Having access to your contacts and quoting feature remotely further enables you to create and send out a quote as soon as you receive a request from anywhere at any time.

Assist with the quick and easy conversion of quotes into invoices

Once your quote has been accepted it’s game time. The sooner you get out your invoice to a client the sooner you can expect to be paid. Small business software should enable you to convert your quotes into invoices at the press of a button. The simpler the process the quicker you can respond and secure payment for your products or services. Choose software that automatically converts your quotes into invoices so you don’t have to waste time filling in the client and sales details again.

Small business software should simplify the management of your staff

Your employees are integral to the success of your small business. However, managing a workforce requires a lot of time and paperwork. Small business software can help you manage payroll efficiently and, more importantly, accurately. Payslips are a necessity for employees who need to produce them when opening personal accounts; they are also required to ensure your small business is compliant with tax regulations. Ensuring that all relevant information such as salary amount, personal details, deductibles and tax details are included can be a time consuming task.

Small business software can assist you with this process by safely keeping all required staff information stored online. It should also automatically create an accurate payslip for every employee at the end of each month.

Automation and simplified recordkeeping is a must

Dealing with financial records on a daily basis can be a challenging task, especially if you have little or no accounting knowledge. However, it’s essential to be on top of your finances if you want to ensure the success of your small business. You want to spend less time sifting through receipts and monitoring daily cash flow and more time on gaining new customers.

Small business software needs to automate the capturing of financial data so you are always aware of your financial position. Furthermore, it should enable you to create financial statements for your accountant to easily see to your books and taxes. Intuitive software will also enable you to do basic forecasting by simply monitoring your cash flow.

SMEasy is the one-stop-shop to fulfil all your small business software needs

Our online accounting and business management software has been designed with the small business owner in mind. Operating as a small business ourselves, SMEasy understands your needs and frustrations.

Our small business software is aimed at ensuring financial management is taken care of with the least amount of effort. Through smart automation, we make managing quotes, invoices, payroll, cash flow and even your personal finances as easy as possible so you can get on with business.

Our system is online which gives you immediate and remote access to all of your financial recordsfrom anywhere at any time. You can rest assured that all your valuable customer and business information is safely stored online and you can manage who has access to it.

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