The importance of building a strong brand identity

By | 18th September 2015

Brand Identity

The world is filled with brands and without us even realising it we tend to trust in a certain brand more than the next. Whether it’s the quality of products or services or simply just great marketing – branding is a crucial part of being recognised.

As a small business owner your brand identity needs to be incredibly strong to help secure new clients – the lifeblood of your business. Your brand is the face of your business and needs to look good and create an impression of quality and trust. People interact with your brand and therefore you need to pay careful attention to building a strong brand identity.

Here are some of the crucial aspects you need to consider when building your brand identity:

Create a logo that leaves a lasting impression

A logo is the symbol of sorts that people will associate with and help distinguish your brand from other products or services. To create the perfect logo you’ll have to put in the time, effort and money to get it right the first time. Find a professional designer to help you conceptualise your colours, imagery, look and feel and the message you are trying to convey. A DIY logo looks unprofessional and probably won’t get second glance – a make or break factor when trying to acquire new clients.

You need an online presence

Building a strong brand identity means you have to be where your potential clients operate and source information – you need to be online. Creating a website is a non-negotiable aspect of building your brand. Usually the first thing people do when they hear about you is look for your personal LinkedIn profile and check out your website. If people can’t find you online, why should they trust you? You also want to seem bigger than you really are as people tend to trust in the ‘bigger company’.

Building an online presence is an easy and effective way to create this impression. You should in the very least have a comprehensive LinkedIn profile so that your skills and expertise are on display. A link from your website to your social media accounts is ideal.

Lay your (business) cards on the table

As a small business owner you are constantly servicing current clients and targeting prospective clients. While you might have a great interactive website, you need to be able to carry your brand identity in your pocket in the form of business cards. Face-to-face meetings and the exchanging of contact details is the perfect opportunity to give out business cards.

As with your logo, you need to put a lot of thought into the design of your business cards and have it done professionally. It might be worth your while to do something unique with your business cards as long as it remains in keeping with your brand identity and business goals. Make sure it’s printed on quality card at the very least, a paper thin business card can give the impression of a paper thin business.

If you like it then you’d better put your brand on it

Carrying your logo across more than one platform increases the reach of your brand. Believe it or not, using branded stationery and other items is still a very effective marketing tool. We all have a pen, cap, coaster or binder with a logo printed on it and we are observing and subconsciously storing this logo in our minds. Branding an object that will be used every day – possibly even passed onto others – can increase the reach of your brand and make it front of mind. Branding your email signature is also very important.

SMEasy’s online accounting software knows how important it is for your brand identity to look the part. We can help you to create quotes and invoices with you logo and business details automatically included on each document. Keep all of your client details in one place and easily import them onto your quotes and invoices.


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