There’s no real thunder and lightning – why your startup needs cloud storage

By | 25th September 2015

Cloud Storage

As with most new technologies, the ‘cloud’ is approached with a fair amount of hesitation. But the fact is that the ‘cloud’ has been around for much longer than we think and, most importantly, is often being used by all of us whether we know it or not to help with our business continuity and collaboration. There are still many misconceptions about the cloud, especially among entrepreneurs and small business owners. The only way to help address reluctant adopters and quell all fears is to educate and punt the many benefits of working in the cloud.

First things first, the cloud is really just online

Without even knowing it, everyone that is active online is making use of cloud technology. The most basic form is email. If you have a Gmail or Yahoo account that stores all of your communications and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, you’re using the ‘cloud’.

According to the 2015 SME Survey, this realisation is encouraging small to medium-sized enterprises to investigate more services that are online, known as cloud services.. When you look at the more elaborate uses of the cloud, you’ll discover a plethora of benefits that are not simply niceties in the technology era, but crucial for business continuity. One of the most beneficial aspects of the cloud for startups is the backup and management of important client, financial and business data.

Here are various ways in which your startup can benefit from using cloud storage:

Cloud storage is a cost-effective and easy to manage data solution

As a startup entrepreneur self-storage of data is not a viable solution. Buying and managing your own servers is not within your budget nor do you have the funds to appoint dedicated IT personnel to manage and maintain the hardware and software. Making use of a cloud storage provider means that crucial data is stored off-site on servers in data centre and managed by trained IT professionals.

Cloud storage is also a scalable solution that can grow along with your startup. If you have more information you need to secure, you simply buy more storage space without having to fork out for yet another costly server.

There’s safety in the cloud

Relying on a laptop or external hard drive to protect your crucial information is a very risky affair. Losing information, which is the lifeblood of your business, can bring all operations to a halt and ultimately result in business failure. Entrepreneurs are usually too busy to do regular backups and human error can lead to data being deleted or a load shedding power surge can leave your computers and external hard drive worse for wear.

Technology is much better equipped to protect data and therefore cloud storage is the safest solution. Cloud storage providers take care in ensuring that their servers are protected against online and material threats and constantly look to improve their offering.

The cloud aids collaboration and remote working

Working in the cloud underpins ultimate collaboration no matter where you find yourself. Whether you are working on a document with a client or an employee, changes are immediately visible and stored online. It’s also through the powers of cloud storage and cloud computing that we are able to successfully implement remote working – giving you access to your startup information from anywhere at any time.

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