Employee motivation tips to get the most out of your startup’s team

By | 28th September 2015

Motivating Your Employees

An increasing amount of job seekers are turning to startups to help further their careers. Aside from the fact that small businesses are now the lifeblood of our economy and the forerunners of employment creation, people want to be part of the foundation of a new business. Unlike a big corporate organisation where staff members are merely a number, in your startup they are an invaluable part of your business’ success. They see it as an exciting opportunity to help innovate and work with like-minded people to create a successful product or service. This is why it is important that you nurture your employees in the same way you do your startup business.

Here’s how you can instill employee motivation by offering them a truly unique and optimised work experience:

Hire people that are the right fit for your startup

It can’t be said enough that when you work in such a small business environment, you need employees with more than just the right skillset. A great attitude and the right personality fit is crucial. Large corporations with various different departments allow for more room for different personalities – as long as the job gets done. However, in your startup you need people that firstly believe in what you doing and the way of doing business, and secondly have the skills to help the startup move forward. Personal attributes and goals should be a top priority in the hiring process.. It makes a big difference if a prospective employee shares in your dreams for your business. This will, to a large extent, simplify employee motivation in future as your staff are already motivated simply by being part of your startup.

Nurture innovation and creativity

The wonderful thing about a startup is that your team is small enough to tap into all of the ideas your employees might have. These ideas are just as valuable as yours and nothing reinforces employee motivation like making people’s opinions seem valued. Encourage employees to not only share ideas, but also to use their time to be innovative and explore their own creativity.

Maintain core values while being open to change

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business there needs to be a company culture. As a startup owner you are the one who sets the vision and values in the business. It is important that as you grow your team you are intentional about sharing these core values to ensure you cultivate the right culture. If you employ a team of like-minded professionals, you can easily maintain your company culture – a key aspect of employee motivation. Nothing should be set in stone and you need to allow for a certain amount of flexibility and change. Change is one of the aspects that you will be dealing with on a regular basis as your startup grows. Use feedback from your employees to help reassess your company culture, but never compromise your core company values.

Reward your employees with more than money

Work satisfaction trumps compensation in the small business environment. There is also the prospect of growth within the business and achieving personal and financial goals as the startup starts to take off. To maintain optimal employee motivation you have think further that the money carrot at the end of each month.

There are various other work policies that you can implement. For instance, flexible working hours to help avoid traffic makes for a less stressed and more productive employee. Add to this the ability to work remotely and rewarding employees for overtime.

To help maintain your company culture, your employees need to connect and while team building can be a challenge in a busy startup, a paid for social gathering once in awhile can do wonders for employee motivation.

Nothing helps motivation more than paying your team on time. Staff members also need a monthly payslip that they can use as proof of employment. , SMEasy can help your startup to manage the payment of your valued employees. Our online accounting and business management systemautomates the generation of payslips, ensuring that each employee gets a complete document with all the necessary financial details they require. Try our free payslip assessment to find out whether your payslips include all the required information and we will gladly give you feedback on how you can optimise your payslips.

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