What Does R150 Get You?

By | 2nd March 2016

What Does R150 Get You

If you ask people what R150 is worth to them, you’ll get a variety of responses – to some, R150 is a visit to their local coffee shop, to others, it’s a week’s groceries. But regardless of your financial position, as an entrepreneur with a start-up business, you are most likely trying to make your money stretch and you don’t want to spend a lot on financial management and accounting services.

A quick Google search will provide you with many such services and systems, each with their own price tag. In order to know what’s best for you and your business, you would definitely need to scrutinise each offering to determine cost, the level of accounting know how needed to use the product, the features and capabilities included, and the general ease of use.

With so many attractive solutions out there, it’s quite understandable that you could feel overwhelmed. Generally speaking, there are in fact several excellent business management and accounting solutions on the market and while they might all look similar to each other you will be hard pressed to find a product that isn’t crammed with lots of accounting jargon and complicated functionality. Financial management software tends to be complex at the best of times and lacks simple ease-of-use for the average man on the street. The reality is, Accounting isn’t for everyone; that is something that most entrepreneurs know and understand all too well. Start-ups and small business owners need a financial management system that doesn’t require any accounting knowledge to use – that is exactly what SMEasy is.

SMEasy is easy to understand and to use, it has been specifically developed for people who struggle with accounting. Besides managing your money it also generates quotes and invoices and even does payslips.  It is web-based, which means that all your crucial information is securely stored 24/7 and you have access to your information from anywhere at any time on any internet connected device, including your mobile phone.

So, getting back to the question – what does R150 get you – here are some answers:

  • 2 movie tickets (without the popcorn)
  • Almost a KFC bucket!
  • A pair of no name brand jeans?
  • Dinner for one and a half …

Or, you could simply invest in a cost-effective financial management system that will see you through the good times and tough times, providing you with the affordability that entrepreneurs need to establish and grow their start-up or small business.

SMEasy has developed small business software to ensure that entrepreneurs and new businesses can easily and effectively take care of financial management. Our online accounting and business management software doesn’t require any accounting skills and takes care of the books so you can get on with growing your business and attracting venture capital. Sign up for our free 30-day trial and discover how SMEasy can assist your business.

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