SMEasy Accounting: A Cut Above The Rest

By | 9th March 2016

SMEasy Accounting  A Cut Above The Rest

When searching for accounting software for small businesses, we look for a solution that is affordable and easy to use, encompassing time-saving features that take the headache out of small business accounting – such as easy quoting, invoicing, reporting, contact management and customer communication. A few years ago SMEasy, the easy-to-use business management and accounting software was introduced into the market and has fast become a game changer for start-ups and small businesses.

Since conception SMEasy has drastically changed the way SME’s work and significantly increased their chances of survival in the South African market. This award winning software is specificallydesigned for people with no accounting knowledge and has attracted attention from entrepreneurs on both a national and international scale. As South Africa’s easiest accounting software in the market for small business owners, SMEasy is packed with features unique to the brand such as free unlimited users, built-in payroll and free online record keeping training.

Small business software like SMEasy is a vital part of any SME. Whether you’re just starting out, expanding or have an established business, SMEasy’s wide range of features set it apart as one of the few products available to entrepreneurs that targets their very specific needs within their price range.

The value proposition also significantly defines what differentiates SMEasy in the marketplace. At R150 a month including VAT, SMEasy is the most cost effective accounting software on the marketand has the added benefit of unrestricted customer support for unlimited users at no extra cost.

What does SMEasy offer and how is it delivered that sets it apart from traditional accounting products? SMEasy is not just an online accounting system but a one-stop solution for small business; from simple record keeping video guides for setting up a filing system to bridging the gap between the business owner and the accountant. SMEasy also provides an easy-to-use forecasting function that helps with cash flow management and includes simple business reporting that empowers the business owner to make informed decisions. It provides the small business with the ability to easily manage business contacts, create branded online quotes and invoices as well as do their payroll.

The inclusion of payroll in one system is unique to SMEasy, payroll is not included in other accounting software packages without making a separate system purchase and creating an additional expense and inconvenience for the business. Other features which set SMEasy apart from competing products include unlimited data storage, comprehensive free support including live text chat and call centre support and free online record keeping training.

In addition to being recognised for awards such as the National Innovation Award and World Summit: Country winner e-Commerce and Business Systems, SMEasy has the endorsement of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA).

SMEasy provides small businesses with an all-inclusive, integrated accounting solution to help entrepreneurs manage their accounting needs simply, pioneering when it comes to online software innovation which is both secure and affordable.

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