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Why your small business should have a fast and responsive website

Technology is swiftly evolving and changing how we carry out tasks in our daily lives, especially the way in which we do business. As a small business owner you are heavily reliant on technology to not only build your business, but to communicate with the modern consumer. In most cases, your website is the customer’s… Read More »

SEAexpo 2015 – It’s not just glitz and glam, it’s also about the money. How online accounting can assist entertainers

It’s your biggest dream to be the best DJ, comedian, model or dancer and your way to the top of the entertainment industry you’ll get support from mentors, teachers, institutions and your industry peers. But on your journey to mastering your craft, you’ll soon come to realise that this is how you make a living.… Read More »

South African female entrepreneurs breaking the gender mould

It is Women’s Month and the term ‘women empowerment’ will likely be flung your way from billboards, TV ads and, of course, flood all of your social media accounts. Women empowerment evokes different responses from different people, some perceive it positively and others negatively, but regardless of which side of the fence you sit, the… Read More »