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SEAexpo 2015 – It’s not just glitz and glam, it’s also about the money. How online accounting can assist entertainers

It’s your biggest dream to be the best DJ, comedian, model or dancer and your way to the top of the entertainment industry you’ll get support from mentors, teachers, institutions and your industry peers. But on your journey to mastering your craft, you’ll soon come to realise that this is how you make a living.… Read More »

Financial Management 101: The importance of quoting for your startup

Keeping an eye on your financial horizon is crucial as a startup entrepreneur. Being able to forecast means you have to have your finger on the pulse of your cash flow and all of your other dailyfinancial management activities. Keeping up to date with your financial management is paramount to maintaining a healthy financial outlook… Read More »

Don’t let your financial statements and records become a nightmare

You’ve been planning that long overdue island breakaway for ages and yet, you know there’s simply no way you’ll have all your ducks in row in time to make it happen. In between client meetings, on-time service delivery and dealing with admin, you’ve been neglecting the management of your financial statements. You’re well aware that you… Read More »