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Go the extra mile for your clients by sharpening your customer service skills

The difference between being an ordinary consultant and an extraordinary consultant lies in that little extra; it’s in the way in which you service your customers. Being professional and getting the job done is expected, but there’s much to say for going the extra mile. It’s the characteristic that can set you apart from the… Read More »

Employee motivation tips to get the most out of your startup’s team

An increasing amount of job seekers are turning to startups to help further their careers. Aside from the fact that small businesses are now the lifeblood of our economy and the forerunners of employment creation, people want to be part of the foundation of a new business. Unlike a big corporate organisation where staff members… Read More »

What to look out for when choosing small business software

Gone are the days when only big corporates had access to intuitive business software. Historically exorbitant licence fees, accompanied by regular upgrade requirements and the employing of a full-time IT team to maintain it, presented great hurdles for small businesses with restricted budgets. These days, software providers are increasingly targeting their solutions toward the affordability… Read More »

South African female entrepreneurs breaking the gender mould

It is Women’s Month and the term ‘women empowerment’ will likely be flung your way from billboards, TV ads and, of course, flood all of your social media accounts. Women empowerment evokes different responses from different people, some perceive it positively and others negatively, but regardless of which side of the fence you sit, the… Read More »