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SEAexpo 2015 – It’s not just glitz and glam, it’s also about the money. How online accounting can assist entertainers

It’s your biggest dream to be the best DJ, comedian, model or dancer and your way to the top of the entertainment industry you’ll get support from mentors, teachers, institutions and your industry peers. But on your journey to mastering your craft, you’ll soon come to realise that this is how you make a living.… Read More »

Five reasons why your startup can’t afford not to have online accounting software

Spreadsheets, setting up quotes, preparing invoices and attending to other nitty-gritty money matters can be a time-suck and a daunting task for many small business owners. Unfortunately, there is a lot of obligatory financial admin that goes along with doing business, and more importantly, doing business right. A lot of new startups opt for a… Read More »